Factors Influencing the Service Life of All in One LED Solar Road Lights

http://www.veoh.com/static/swf/veoh/SPL.swf?videoAutoPlay=0&permalinkId=v18090172ZXP8MfCKWhen individuals select all in one solar LED street lights, they all have a worry: How long can an done in one solar LED street light last? This inquiry could not merely responded to with an exact time, because all in one solar LED street light includes 5 major elements, consisting of photovoltaic panels, led light sources, solar controllers, batteries, and also light poles. The length of time can the done in one solar LED street lights be made use of? Five variables determine together.
The life span of solar panels is greater than 25 years, and also the service life of posts could get to greater than 30 years. Get rid of as long service life can be totally neglected for influencing the lifetime of done in one solar LED street light.
Secondly, solar energy light controllers can additionally be omitted. First, the controller is cheap, the resource is convenient, maintenance and repair are convenient. Second, the controller is not easily damaged. As long as the controller is utilized correctly, it will not trigger much trouble.
So we generally should take into consideration the LED source of light and also battery life, the life span of batteries as much as 5 years if appropriately utilized, the so-called correct use batteries, refers to consider the battery capability for the manufacturers in the design and also setup, if the daily result of the solar panel is 45Ah, after that the battery capability must be larger than 45AH. To avoid extreme discharge depth impacts the battery’s power storage capability and service life, the battery choosen need to more than 50Ah, and the normal manufacturers will certainly pick the batteries with larger capacity, yet some little producers will simply pick little or simply 45AH battery to lower the rate, it is advised that customers recognize the setup before acquisition.
So how long is the service life of led chips? Current high quality LED light source, the light effectiveness can get to 120 lm/watt, life span could as much as 100,000 hrs, if you illuminate 8 hours a day, you could use 12,500 days, that is 34 years. This is fairly long. If we say only 100,000 hours, it would be too little. Actually, 100,000 hrs is 34 years, and also there is no should worry about the durability.
Throughout the layout and also manufacture process of done in one solar street lamp LED street lights, if factories could pay more attention to the above elements, they could much better prolong the service life of done in one solar LED street lights.


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